Woolly wanderings in Queenstown part two.

When we visited Queenstown, we thought it would be a wise idea to hire a car and see more of the countryside - not just the area around the town centre and the lake (for the record, this is amazing, as you can see below).

As much as I love Queenstown, I'm so glad we went exploring. I have a new favourite place - Arrowtown. It's practically a late 19th century gold mining town that's been kept intact, and it is beautiful.

I found this wool shop pretty quickly - but there was no yarn in it! My disappointment didn't last long though; there was a craft shop across the road.

The Stitching Post is more for quilters than knitters, but I loved the fabric and its collection of buttons!

Look at these cottages. I need one to live in.

And the main street is just awesome. There's a gold shop and a sweet shop and a bakery and all other types of essential shopping outlets, all I need now is a pony to tie to this hitching post. 

Although I didn't find any yarn in Arrowtown, I did get to pan for some gold! Not quite a millionaire yet, but if I get enough of these gold flecks, one day I could be.

My next wool find was in Wanaka, about an hour's drive north of Queenstown.

I got some more Touch Yarns wool - this time a 2 ply mohair and merino blend in a great red. 

And we took some time to enjoy the lake...

And learn some fun facts...

On our way back from Wanaka, we couldn't pass up a chance to visit Puzzling World.
Not only did we get to run around the maze and play amongst all the illusions, I got to admire some pretty great illusion knitting.

I think Albert looks pretty great in this knitted portrait. Knitting something like this must be incredibly complicated colourwork - I'd have no idea where to start!

All up we both had an amazing time in Queenstown - geekery for the hubby, craftiness for me, and I've discovered that exploring a new area with your hobbies in mind is a great way to see a place without just being another tourist! 


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