I just wanted to knit something quick

It might have been because it's been a busy week with Christmas, or it might've been because I've done a few very time consuming projects this year (Funchal Moebius anyone?) but all I wanted to do this week was knit something extremely quick. 

Since the Christmas hood, all I've had on the needles is the second stripy sock, and it just wasn't doing it for me. It's fine, and I'm really happy with how it's knitting up, but I was just a bit bored of it.
So I decided to cast on some of the crazy yarn I got in Queenstown - the pure wool from Little Wool Shed.  

It's one of those uneven handspuns (some parts of it actually look like roving) that requires the fattest needles you can find - exactly what I wanted in a super quick knit. 

I knitted a hat in three hours, and I made up the pattern myself. It's extremely simple, but given I have no brain for designing (although I'd really like to do more) I'm really proud of her. 
I call her my Instant Gratification Hat, because a finished garment knitted in a couple of hours is about as instant as you can get.

 She's a bit knobbly, with all kinds of uneven stitches - definitely not a glamourous hat to wear around town - but she's super warm and would look perfect at the farm around a campfire. 

Which happens to be my plan for New Year's Eve. I'll take her for a test drive then!


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