Christmas cheer

It's been an amazing Christmas. 
Once again Mum cooked an amazing dinner with the best Yorkshire puddings on the planet, and a bunch of our friends joined us to eat it all, my favourite  of our traditions.

Amongst the traditions (board games, and too many chocolates) though were a couple of handmade gifts - including the cutest cushion in the world.

My lovely aunty made this for me and husband as a wedding gift - it was delivered all the way from the UK, and arrived on Christmas Eve. It just looks so good with my second-hand crochet blanket.

I'm spending Boxing Day digesting all of the food I ate yesterday and working on another Happy-Go-Knitty sock, while sneaking some of these delicious treats.

I also managed to finish knitting the Christmas hood! I don't have a picture yet, because I was steam blocking it literally 15 minutes before giving it to the recipient, but I hope to get one soon!
Considering the rush, I'm happy with the way it turned out. I ran out of the right buttons and had to add a jazzy one in, but all good, it's not Christmas without a bit of crazy gift improvisation.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends!


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