Back to the knitting

It's all been a bit quiet on the knitting front for the last couple of weeks. I'm glad now that I actually have some stuff on the needles - another pair of Happy Go Knitty socks (yes I realise I have a big problem. I'm addicted to self-striping yarn, but there are worse things to be addicted to....) 

I've also started my third Through the Woods Hood. I promised to make this for a friend about a year and a half ago, but after knitting two of them in a row, I needed some breathing space.

I haven't done a cable project in such a long time, and it's a skill I'd like to improve on next year.
I'm really happy with how these ones are coming out.
I'm knitting this up in Cascade Eco + Wool in Straw Heather, and from experience with my first hood, it wears very nicely.
I'm hoping to have this finished by Christmas, but apparently I pretty much only have a week left to finish it. I think I'll have to knit under my desk, and I'm pretty slow when it comes to knitting cables. Nothing like a deadline, and chocolate to get you through!

And speaking of chocolate, I've been playing with a new toy - a Breville Scraper Mixer. And it actually does scrape the bowl so I don't have to!
I only got it yesterday, and I tested it out with a chocolate recipe I'm thinking of using for Christmas gifts this year.

The result has the flatmate approval. I think it'll be perfect in some Christmas-themed moulds!

So while I'm expecting to be able to make cakes much quicker now (I'm always put off when I have to whisk egg whites into firm peaks - that takes me half an hour) I knew getting a mixer was a good idea when I tested it for pizza dough. 
Not only does the dough hook look like something Captain Hook would wear (next fancy dress party?)  the dough was kneaded in a minute. 
That's nine minutes quicker than when I do it by hand. 
Best purchase ever.


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