2012 - my knitting year in review

This year has been a big one for knitting. I started to get a bit more adventurous with patterns and techniques - and here are a few of the projects I'm really proud of.

Dyeing my own yarn!

Learning stranded knitting. A crucial skill for my Funchal Moebius, the biggest project I've done to date. From this I also learnt how to do continental knitting and I'm sure this project would've taken a year to finish if I hadn't!

I learnt how to knit socks! I'm currently knitting my fifth pair, and I love how portable they are.

Another big technique achievement - grafting. Not as hard as I thought it would be, it just takes a bit of practice.

I had two very very simple patterns published, including this one - knitting video tape into a purse.

I've started devising my own patterns - below are my arm warmers in my Olive and Emma yarn.

And around all this we were also planning our wedding, the most amazing day ever.
I knitted my bridemaids and special helpers some gifts.

And a lacy shrug for me!

I've had a look over the knitting goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, and I'm happy to say I've completed most of them!

1. Knit my first pair of socks. If anyone can suggest a good beginner sock pattern, it would be appreciated - CHECK
2. Learn continental knitting. I figure that since I'm a left-hander, I should pick this up quite well, and it will speed up my stranded knitting attempts. - CHECK
3. Knit my wedding bouquet. Linda Dawkins' daffodilssnow dropsand lilies, as featured on her Natural Suburbia blog, are just what I'm looking for. I was born in Wales, so the daffodils will be a good way to represent that, and snow drops and lilies are just pretty. I have approximately two years to finish it, so I have lots of time to chip away at this project. - Mum vetoed the knitted bouquet idea - I made the shrug instead.
4. Knit a snuggly blanket for the couch.- I didn't do this, but I did recycle about seven vintage wool and crochet blankets for the wedding - three of them are on the couch!
5. Write and publish a pattern. I'm not sure what for yet, but I'll think of something! - CHECK
6. Get a better stash organisation system happening.- This definitely did not happen. Work in progress still.

I'm planning my list of knitting and life goals for 2013, looking forward to sharing them with you in the new year!


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