When the boys are away...

I live with three boys, plus one male cat. Instead of the usual ceramic ornaments to decorate shelves, we have action figures. I have no issue with this, but when the fiancĂ© gets dragged out of bed at 6.30am by the boys to go on his stag party for the weekend, I'm really not complaining. I love our geekiness, and I love how our home is a bit different to most peoples' in their mid-twenties, but it's great to have some girl time. 

So far this Saturday has been very productive. Firstly I got brunch with one of my girls and hit the op shops.

More plates and doilies.

Another picnic blanket that Dougal's already adopted.

Then it was time for the main event - wedding craft day!

My pal Cara came around to help with making the bunting. We decided to go with a mix of cut-up comic books and doilies.

There were also cookies and cupcakes. 

And paper everywhere.

The baking was amazing.

And the final result? Not too shabby!

I have enough left over to make a lot more, so we should have heaps in time for the big day.


  1. Love that bunting! What an awesome idea :-) Nerdy, AND pretty!!

  2. Adorable cat and baking ! What's the great idea of bunting! I love it!

    Welcome to my blog

    1. Thank you! The cat is the most adorable thing ever!


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