The final rush pre-wedding

I think this next week is going to be pretty busy. Yesterday was spent collecting fairy lights, dropping off cake toppers, buying the drinks and doing a serious amount of knitting. The wedding shawl is about half way through construction - just stitching up the tucks before I start grafting. Then I have to figure out the seam. 

I started off by blocking - directly on the carpet because my blocking mat wasn't big enough.
To kill some time while drying, I finished a baby hat I started working on a couple of days ago (leftover yarn from Olive & Emma, and I definitely have enough to do another one) and read  my new book, Knitting for Good by Betsy Greer. Betsy writes one of my favourite blogs, Craftivism, and I had to check out her work.

A bit of a hiccup; the rectangle stretched by a few inches after I blocked it, so now my tucks are a little bit off.

I'm hoping you won't really notice - there's now way I'm frogging some of it now.

And I've blocked all of the bridesmaids gifts ready for wrapping - plus the baby hat. Wish it was my size, the stripes came out so well.

I'll keep working on the last few tucks this evening and hopefully graft it tomorrow.
I'm taking a few days off work before the big day, so I hope to find a bit of time to sit down and figure out how to finish the seams. 

Only six days to go now - the last month has completely disappeared. I'm so excited about taking this next big step, here's just hoping for amazing weather on Saturday.


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