Books that taught me to knit

I read a great post recently on The Zen of Making blog, where Haley Pierson-Cox lists the books she credits with teaching her how to craft. It gave me an idea. Before I realised Ravelry existed, I was turning to books to find patterns - this was the only place I really knew to look. 

At that point I found yarn stores a bit intimidating (and in some cases I still do - I tend to get a lot of my yarn online) and didn't know which knitting magazines were good to read. I found the lingo intimidating, and I needed a translator. 

So I went to the only other place I thought I could find some help without not knowing where to start online - I grabbed a bunch of books from my local library shelf and started there.

For me, the best beginner book I've read, that really appealed to me as a 20-something (oh golly... 26 in two weeks.... ) was Stitch 'n bitch: The knitter's handbook by Debbie Stoller.

For someone who had no idea where to start, this book was completely eye-opening. 
My first big project, a Peppermint Twist sweater, came from here, and even though it's not perfect, I'm still proud of it.

Debbie's follow-up, Superstar Knitting, I've found equally useful, especially for help in recent dabbles in lace knitting. Sure, this book is only an introduction to more complicated techniques, but I've found the information is really good and the section on designing your own sweaters is very clear to follow.

I've heard that Margaret Radcliffe's book on colour knitting, The essential guide to color knitting techniques,  is one of the best. I can't really compare because I haven't read any others, but this was so handy when I was learning stranded knitting.
I'm yet to delve into some other techniques - entrelac just looks too terrifying at this stage in my knitting career.

And this is the book I hope will help me next. I've had it on my shelf for ages, and I've read if from cover to cover. Maggie Righetti's Sweater design in plain English is quite an entertaining read, and if I can follow all the math correctly, I'll try and design myself a sweater next year.

What are some of the books that have helped you craft? I'm always looking for more!


  1. Thanks for posting the books you've used. I've struggled with colour work and couldn't help but admire your pieces (espeially the Kate Davies Moebius strip). I've just ordered the colour knitting from the library.

    1. Thank you! The colour knitting book is awesome, definitely gave me some great tips for stranded knitting!


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