And the knitting goes on around the distractions

I'm at an estimated 27 inches into the wedding shrug, and I've hit the wall. No matter how much I keep knitting, it's just not growing. Admittedly though, I'm going to start making excuses about my lack of progress (even though I'm working on it every day). I got a Nexus 7. And I love it.

I love being able to take Entangled Magazine on the bus without having to read it off my phone.
Tweeting just seems more fun on it.
I've going to buy a tonne of e-books and save some shelf space and trees.
No more printing knitting patterns, losing pages and getting confused. They will all be saved on here.
And I'm really looking forward to accessorising it. I need a case - seen some really cool chevron patterned ones on Etsy - and I could knit up a little cozy for it too. 
This new toy could revolutionise my life.
But after the wedding. Must focus. 


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