What to do with leftover sock yarn?

After all of my recent sock projects, I've got a few balls of yarn left-overs and no idea what to do with them. 

Olive & Emma sock = 80g 
Happy Go Knitty sock = 55g 

Can I make anything with this? It's not heaps, but it's a lot to go to waste.
A friend of mine is having a baby in April (plenty of time for baby-knits planning)  and I was wondering whether this would be enough for a little hat or something? 
Suggestions welcome!


  1. You should have plenty for a wee hat and probably booties. Personally I save my leftovers and make striped socks with them, only got one pair so far but I find they go really quickly and they look cool too.
    Take a look on Ravelry for 4-ply baby stuff, you'll find a heap that takes less than 50g, though best to search by metreage as the gram filter doesn't seem to be working

  2. Oooooh awesome! stripy booties would be perfect!

  3. Make wrist warmers! The Happy-go-knitty stripy yarn will of course give you stripy wrist warmers. :)

    1. Oh yeah! Easy pattern on Ravelry that you can recommend?


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