This week's vintage finds.

I am totally going to justify these purchases to myself right now. 

1. I don't own a casserole dish with a lid. Apparently these are quite handy in the kitchen.
2. I like having matching teacups. It gives a sense of occasion to boring things like breakfast.
3. These are all vintage. I am not the first owner. Therefore I am saving the planet by not placing demand on cheap crockery made with extremely cheap labour.
4. These are local vintage - Crown Lynn and Kelston Ceramics. No major carbon footprint here.
5. You'd pay probably a similar amount for new china. 
6. I love blue.
7. Crown Lynn china is collectable. If I look after it, it's an investment.
8. They all match each other. That's pretty awesome when looking for vintage kitchen things.
9. There's no point convincing myself, because these pieces are just amazing.


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