My extremely small attempt to organise notions

Did a bad thing at lunch today. My shopping-buddy-in-crime made me go to the World sale store today, and I ended up buying some amazing trousers. They are so awesome I don't even know how to start to describe them, and $100 was totally justifiable when the original price was $350, but I'm digressing. 
This does relate to my vague plan to organize my knitting stuff. You saw the state of my stash and it needs a serious reorganise. It was very good that we visited the World store, because at the counter they were selling this super cute little tins for $5.

It's a notion holder!

See? It's perfect for pins and emergency tape measures and stitch markers. Not quite big enough for stitch holders and cable needles, but I don't lose those so easily. 
Now I just need to find a giant version for my yarn!
I am actually on the hunt for a new knitting bag. I'd like a tote, and the ones I have are cotton, but not sturdy cotton. The all collapse when they aren't completely full, and have very minimal structure.
I'm thinking I need something that's quilted or felted wool. Maybe leather even, if it can double as a working bag. Suggestions appreciated.


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