I Love Yarn Day and how I celebrated

I Love Yarn Day on Friday was very productive!
I finished the first pair of bridesmaid socks. Took me only one week for a whole pair, which gives me hope to have all knitting projects done by the wedding.

I was loving the concept of having a whole day dedicated to celebrating yarn, so I extended it to the whole weekend.

I've started the second pair of bridesmaid socks, and oh my god, I don't know if I'll be able to give them up. 

The yarn is beautiful. It's the self-striping BFL by Happy Go Knitty that I bought ages ago after interviewing the lovely Helene, who does all the dyeing herself at home. The vibrancy of the colours is stunning. 

I've never knit with a self striping yarn that changes so quickly from one colour to the next. Usually there's a few inches of yarn that are a weird blend of colours, mixing to leave a small ugly streak of a blah colour between two solids. But not this yarn. This yarn's awkward in-between colour lasts for maybe three stitches. It's practically invisible. I need more of this.

And given the speed of my current knitting, I've decided to give the shawl another crack. A much easier pattern though, using the Dyeforwool yarn I bought originally.

It will hopefully become a Safran Shrug from the very cool book French Girl Knits Accessories - a kind colleague at work let me borrow it and go crazy with the photocopier.
It's basically a big rectangle that has tucks all over it, although I will have to do all the making-up exactly to the pattern - I'm not quite sure how the sleeves will work...


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