A personal best and a new book

I knitted an entire sock in two days. Okay yes, it was plain, no pattern repeats or anything fancy to speak of, just basic stocking stitch sock. And I'm pretty happy with my speed - it's not often I knit something in a weekend!

He's (yes, it's a boy - I feel like socks are boy garments - just me?) knitted in Olive & Emma Baby Sunshine sock yarn, leftover from my arm warmers. 
They would all be a great matching set, but these puppies are a bridesmaid's gift. I was struggling with scarfs, I just haven't found the right scarfs for each girly, so I've gone back to basics and knitting them socks instead.
I've started on sock's brother, but I have a case of Second Sock Syndrome. It's not helped by the new book I bought today.

Meet Junk Genius. It's awesome. It's all about turning your thrifted finds into amazing treasures, and really makes me think about how creative you can be with bits and bobs.

There are over 80 projects and ideas in here, including using old lamp shades as a base for a coffee table, repurposing wool blankets for bags and cushions, and generally showing you what you can do with a little bit of time and imagination!

Authors Juliette Goggin and Stacy Sirk have presented this beautifully. The artwork and photography in here is gorgeous, and the instructions easy to follow.

I want to make pretty much everything in here - I'd love to have a go at decorating tables and chairs with their suggestions, and a cushion cover made of a silk scarf would be divine.

Maybe this summer, when I have a couple of weeks on holiday, I can do some more junk shop scavenging and get making.
But right now, I think I'll stick with sock number two.


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