A long weekend of vintage craftiness!

There's no better way to spend a long weekend than crashing at your friend's bach in Omaha.
Especially when the Matakana Indie Market is on!

It's on the third Sunday of the month in Matakana, and it's amazing. It's a great craft market and sellers come from all over the Auckland region to take part.

I got there and was overwhelmed with the amount of great sellers.

There was bunting galore, handmade cosmetics, cute baby clothes, yarn, vintage stuff and coffee!

I got some awesome deals.

A new tote bag - perfect size for my knitting projects.

Look at this amazing table! It's got old map pages all over it, and was a total bargain at $25.

And these plates! $2.50 each - Paragon, Royal Albert, Queen Anne, and so many more. 
My favourite one is the green polka dot. 

And, as well as bargains, I got to spend a couple of days at the beach and having barbecues with my pals. And I finished my bridesmaid gifts!

Now to get onto finishing the wedding shawl!


  1. OMG there's yarn at Matakana Market? How did I not know this before?!?!?

    1. Happy Go Knitty's just started selling there! It was her second day this weekend and I think she wants to be a regular seller up there! The craft market is only on once a month, but so worth the wait!


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