When craft stores close

One of my local craft shops is closing. I went in this morning - the first time I visited in a seriously long time - and the shop was full of people wanting to make the most of the closing down sale. 
I admit to being one of these people. It must be incredibly hard to run your own niche business and keep it afloat, especially when the online competition is so big and many crafters are looking for something a bit more unique. 
Most of the time I buy my yarn online as I've never found the yarn I've been looking for in shops, and so I'm part of the problem - I don't do enough to help my local shops stay open. 
They are great to visit and have a look, but it's not often that I part with the cash and buy something.

I did take advantage of the sale today though. A set of Knit-Pro interchangeable metal needles for $70 - down from $150. It's sad that I'm only encouraged to buy when the deals are that good - at the expense of someone's small business. 
I admit that I'd never be brave enough to try and run my own store - I just couldn't take the pressure.


  1. Yes, thats true. keeping a small business up and running is very difficult. Also, the number of crafters are going down especially the needlecraft people. Most thriving craft activities are related to papers, cards and scrapbooking.

    I use to work as full time professional until last year when I resigned and decided to take a long break and enjoy some of my craft activities. Anyways, you did at least some good to the shop owner buying it before its price drift down even further.

    1. I guess paper craft stores can keep a lot more stock in the shop at once - yarn and fabric take up a lot of room! I would love to take time off and craft - that's the dream!


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