One arm-warmer down, and new magazine discoveries

I made this up from scratch. I'm super proud of it. And it comes up to my elbow! 
It's everything I want in an arm-warmer!

I love how the colours pool around the thumb.

And how it's got a bit of room in the sleeve to pull over long-sleeve t-shirts. No hiding this baby under layers!
Once I've finished the second one (and woven in all those ends) I'll see if I can write the pattern up to make some sense for people to make some themselves. I found them really easy to make, and I'm a fan of easy. Another bonus, there's still a heap of yarn left over from the first hank. Once Ive knitted them both up, I'll find something else to do with the leftovers.

In other news, I've been discovering some new magazines. I must have been hiding under a rock for a while - how come I've only just discovered Sweet Paul Magazine?

It's a sweet digital magazine that's free and full of delicious things. Like whoopie pies. I couldn't resist making the front cover special - how amazing do they look?

And here are mine! Soooo good!

The have a whole chocolate feature in this issue which I need to work my way through. And then I'm working through the back issues. So much excitement!

And then there's this little discovery - Handmade Fashion. 
It's a British mag - from what I can tell it's the first issue - but from some online browsing it looks like the magazine has recently changed hands and there doesn't seem to be any information on upcoming issues.
 There are some great patterns, projects and ideas for a fashion-loving crafter, as well as some fantastic articles. I do hope this magazine continues, and if any of you know about its future, I'd be interested to hear what's happening with it!


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