My knitted chaos - how do I fix it?

I'm really good at acting like an organised person. It's actually amazing how many people rely on me to get stuff sorted out last minute, or for some reason or another think I am a successful planner. I must fake it really well, because I live for deadlines, have a terrible habit of procrastinating and my bedroom is never tidy. (Clean, yes, but there is lots of clutter and clothes in piles rather than put away in the wardrobe).  I don't really have an excuse except laziness.

My bad habits have definitely transferred to my knitting. Those arm-warmers I'm currently making? Those shouldn't even be on the needles. I should be finishing gifts, but I'm procrastinating because I totally have like two and a half months which is tons of time. And yarn / project storage? It's a disaster.

See exhibit A:

This is my half of the cupboard shelf in the lounge. The other half is taken up by Nerf guns. There is one box which is overflowing, I think two project bags, several bags of scrap yarn, three half-finished projects and a stack of vintage patterns. Between all this you can find printouts and notes of many patterns, in no particular order.

Exhibit B:

The chair in the corner of the dining room / kitchen. Two project bags, three projects, one magazine and no space to sit.

In the last few weeks I've lost an 8mm wooden needle - I kind of need it to finish a project and I think the cat stole it - several darning needles, loads of safety pins and a few of those little key things you use to tighten up the needles on Knit Pro interchangeables. 

It is obvious that I need help. I can't go on like this. It's bound to be annoying the flatmates (boys just don't understand these things and admittedly they would like some space on the coffee table - I'm not even going there, it's really bad..)

I'd like some simple storage solutions, and ones that don't involve going out and spending heaps of money on those plastic drawers. I tried those to keep my wardrobes, and I'm not finding that it encourages me to put things away at all. Advice appreciated - and yes, I do realise that a change in my attitude would definitely help!


  1. I am the same. I recently culled my stash and unpicked and project that was over 6months old that I hadn't touch in a while ad donated the yarn to my kids school.

    1. Oh golly that's such a good idea! I don't have a school though - maybe a charity shop?


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