Handmade birthday gifts and Golden Hands 23!

I try to give handmade gifts wherever possible, be it cookies at Christmas or something knitted. 
But sometimes I just see something so awesome that I have to buy it for a friend. And one for myself too!

These super cute Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Scull necklaces are hand-stitched by Sarah Fordham at Magasin, and they are amazing. I saw them featured on the Frankie website and I just had to get one, thinking it would be perfect for a good friend whose birthday was a few days ago. (I warned her the gift would be a little bit late because of international delivery - I hope she understands!)

And the lovely Sarah even sent me a button with my initial on it! 
My biggest issue now is deciding which one suits my friend the best - maybe I'll let her pick!

And in other news - Issue 23 of Golden Hands magazine was amongst the many left at the local community hall that the fiancé teaches at! I had to go back and look after he got me a couple of issues last week.

And the chevron scarf pattern? Totally worth the 10c I paid for it!

I can see it being expanded into a cushion cover or something. So many possibilities...
Just maybe not in brown - I'm thinking yellow!


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