Nintendo knitting? Why wasn't this put into production? I need one!

My household is extremely geeky. On one shelf, almost the entire Marvel Universe is posed to do some fighting. On another, a Darth Vader Helmet circa 1981 is gathering a bit of dust, and new Mass Effect Three action figures are taking pride of place next to it. There are two lightsabers, one DeLorean on the coffee table and one face-hugger from Alien hanging off the wall. The xbox games and DVDs are countless. I could go on. There's even a whole cupboard filled with Nerf guns. 

So imagine the delight of Hotel Nerd (as our friends refer to our flat) when we discovered that Nintendo had planned a knitting machine plug-in for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the mid-1980s!

Image source: IGN

 I was pretty excited. IGN reported this today - an old product brochure has surfaced and it's just amazing - such a shame that it never went into production! I think this would've merged two complementary hobbies very well! 


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