Improving my photography

Being winter, at the moment it's dark when I leave the house and it's dark when I get home. The only time I have some light to take photos is on the weekend, and my weekends have been pretty busy recently. I've sufficient enough with my camera if I've got good lighting, but there is heaps of room for improvement in other lighting conditions, as well as getting better at using all of my camera's manual functions. So I did what I usually do when I'm wanting to learn new crafty stuff - I've signed up for another Craftsy class. 
Shoot it: A product photography primer is hosted by crafter Caro Sheridan and so far I'm really enjoying it. We've been going through all the theory at the moment, but in the next lesson we get to start taking photos - I'll post them here and see if I improve!
Maybe I should invest in a macro lens - it would be much easier to take better shots of knitting details, but I'm saving. No more dipping into the wedding fund. Period!


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