Wedding fund = stash money?

I'll admit it. I just dipped into the wedding fund to by Cascade Eco wool. I'm not using it for any wedding related project, but the yarn is almost an ivory colour, so it will match my dress...

I got four hanks from South Seas Knitting to make my Evoke Yarns Boyfriend Sweater. The pattern and the original yarn has disappeared from their website, so I'm improvising with the Eco - luckily I downloaded the free pattern before it vanished!

This was a wedding related purchase though! It's my first ever Polaroid camera, and I'm planning on running around with it at the reception - much cheaper than hiring a photo booth for the event - now I'm just waiting on the film to arrive from The Impossible Project.

The shawl hasn't been smooth sailing. I dropped a pile of stitches the other day, and had to rip it out entirely (how do you fix lace when you make a mistake? The yarn-overs really don't help..) and start again. Twice. But we will get there! More lifelines are needed!


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