Don't knit lace on needles that are the same colour as your yarn

It makes things difficult. I've started the wedding shawl, a Skywalker Shawl by Laura Nelkin. All is going well, except that my red acrylic Knit Pros, the only size 3.5mm needles I have, are exactly the same color as my Dye For Wool yarn.... Another reason for me to go and by the Addi Lace Clicks set? I'm getting pretty convinced.

I haven't had any major dramas so far except for finding it hard to see what I'm doing. 
The Craftsy class is awesome. All of the stitches are talked through as you go, so I'm following along and I haven't made a mistake.
I've only knitted about an inch though, and there's about a million stitches to go. And four months, 16 days!

I've also decided that I'd like to knit my bridesmaids some gifts. I have two on the go, the Frilly Frilly and the Cloud Snood, that will be good to gift, and they are over half-way completed. I just need to think of one more quick knit - suggestions appreciated!


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