Collar obsession

Detachable collars are so cool. I love them all, the Peter Pan styles, the business shirt styles and the frilly lacy ones.

I've found some great tutorials online that I might try out - like this one from Rookie and Etsy has an AMAZING selection. But as easy as it would be for me to buy pretty much all of them, I've decided that I'd like to make one myself - yet I really had trouble finding a simple knitting pattern. I've had a go at making one up myself.
 Here is the beginning of my prototype knitted collar, using Skeinz Prism DK in Toy Red.

I'm giving moss stitch a go - I figure I'm about half way through so I should finish it tonight and have a good idea of where I need to make adjustments. Another bonus, it would be a great project for scrap yarn!
I'm doing increases at each end to make a nice pointed collar - hope it works!


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