Why doesn't my lace knitting ever work?

I started my Frilly Frilly over a year ago. I keep putting it aside to do other things, which is all well and good, but I've decided that if I'm going to knit an entire shawl for my wedding, I better at least finish this easy (not by my standards, by lace standards!) scarf. 
 At the beginning of each pattern repeat, you purl the first row and have 31 stitches.
For the second row, the start of the lacy stuff, I follow the pattern exactly and I complete the row without any mistakes - the repeat across the row fits in perfectly with the amount of stitches I have.
Then I purl row number three.
But row number four, oh my goodness, it's killing me.
Every time the row repeats don't fit - I have four or five random stitches sitting at the end. I've ripped it back to the lifeline six times now. I follow the pattern to the word, but every time, it doesn't work out!
And the most frustrating part is, I've done it before - there's nearly 20 inches of scarf finished already!
This is giving me no hope for my wedding shawl, which needs to be completed in exactly five months.
If I cannot figure this out, the shawl is not happening.

And this is such a shame, because look how amazing the yarn is!

I'll just make myself feel better by eating all of these.

And admiring my new plates for the wedding reception.

The collection is growing! Should definitely have 100 by December.


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