Setting myself another insane knitting challenge

Lace knitting is not my strong point. I've been working on one lace scarf for over a year now, and I've only done half of it. It's pretty ridiculous then that I've set myself a challenge to knit myself a lace shawl for my wedding, which is in six months. 

Even I can see how crazy that is. It took that long to knit my Funchal Moebius, and it was technically just knit stitch in the round with two colours...

I enrolled in a Craftsy lace knitting class a few weeks ago, and tutor Laura Nelkin promises to help me get through making her Skywalker Shawl (the fiancĂ© loves Star Wars so that's quite fitting). If the Jedi Master can teach this padawan to knit lace, anything could happen. So, once I've finished the Cloud Snood and the new hood (really should look into starting that...) I will get started. 

Pic credit : Dyeforwool on Etsy

I've just purchased the yarn for it, a 70% 30% alpaca silk blend in the colourway Hot Desire from Dyeforwool on Etsy. I can't talk myself out of this. It will be knitted.


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