Funchal Moebius - the marathon is complete!

This has to be one of my knitted crowning glories. It took six months, but this weekend I finished my Funchal Moebius - designed by Kate Davies.

Knitting the last stitch - a huge milestone in the project.

Putting the last stitches onto scrap yarn for blocking.

Unzipping the provisional cast-on and threading the stitches onto waste yarn - also for blocking.

Blocking time!

And both sides have come out quite well.

After blocking, threading the stitches back onto the needles for grafting.

The start of the biggest Kitchener Stitch project - 340 stitches to graft!

It took me over three hours....

But it was completed, with the twist and everything! 

So my grafting wasn't perfect, but overall I'm very happy with how it's come out.

This project has been a massive test of willpower, and a challenge to learn new skills. Over these six months, I've learned to dye yarn with food coloring, knit continental, master stranded knitting, figure out how to graft stitches, and learn the provisional cast-on. 
All finished, and just in time for winter too!


  1. Jo, this is Amazing!!! I dont think you're a learner anymore!! Debs


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