Crafty Girls Road Trip - the mini version

In celebration of the long weekend, my good friend Anna and I decided to do a very small road trip, inspired by Ann Packer's The Crafty Girls Road Trip. We didn't make it easy for ourselves - we had just over two hours, and had to squeeze in snacks. We decided to just go to yarn shops, and we went for two of the best in Auckland - Crafty Knitwits in Milford and Wild and Woolly Yarns in Devonport.

I only bought one thing - a Cloud Snood knitting kit from Wild and Woolly, full of yummy Rowan yarns in a nice pink - more of a red pink though, I'm not a girly pink kind of girl.
I fell in love with Wild and Woolly's huge stash of Rowan Big Wool, but at $22 a skein I had to resist. I only need to get six for a jumper though.. maybe next pay day!
It was a great morning out - next time I hope to make a day of it. Any other yarn stores around Auckland you could recommend to add to my list?


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