100 Beanie Drive!

Jess at *bespoke* magazine is organizing a beanie drive for the Day Oncology Unit at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.
It's a fantastic way to contribute something small that will really make a difference for people with cancer - one of the side effects of some medications is a difficulty to control temperature, and it's winter, so patients are feeling the cold a bit more than the rest of us.

I knitted my first beanie a few years ago, and it has never quite found the right person to keep warm. It's just been sitting in a drawer, and apart from me trying it on when I first finished knitting it, it hasn't been worn since.

 It's a snuggly chunky alpaca, and in a great blue colour. I'm going to post it to Jess this week in the hope that it finds the right person to keep warm.
Spread the word, lets try and get over 100 beanies!


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