On almost finishing, and a magical find

Funchal is now as long as my legs. Only two repeats to go, hopefully it will be all knitted by next weekend when I can spend several hours grafting the ends together. If that doesn't make me memorize the  Kitchener Stitch, nothing will.

The baby hat has also been a struggle. I've started it three times, but this time I've decided to make it a bit smaller. I will not drop any more stitches. And it will be knitted before the bubba is too big for it!

It's been a good weekend full of finds and experimentation. 
Here is my new terrarium. I'm determined to keep this one alive.

And I baked some bread - attempt number three, but third time's a charm.

And (apart from catching up with my awesome friends this weekend, which is always great) this is the highlight of my weekend.
I found The Cup of Knowledge.
It's a real thing. 
Only to be used for special tea on special occasions when I need some wisdom.
Which might make me use it more often than a special occasion...

I found it in a hospice shop for $30 - not what I'd usually pay for one cup, but this one promises so much.
Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. That tea cup was totally worth it. I'm sure it would cost much more from an antique shop. Does it have a maker's mark?

  2. It does - made by Anysley in England and has an enscription on the saucer commemorating the world fair in Dunedin in 1925. I've seen some on Etsy and Ebay listed for quite a bit, so I consider it a very successful op-shop find!

    Apparently they were used for fortune telling to entertain the ladies at tea parties!


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