Sew exciting!

Please excuse my terrible sewing pun, but it has been a very exciting day. Me and Mum are making a skirt, and it is nearly finished. It has a peplum and everything - so fancy!

I'll be honest, Mum's the genius that's done most of the project. All I did was cut out the pattern pieces, some ironing, a bit of tacking and acted as a sewing dolly.
It's nearly finished now - the zipper is in, all that's left is the hem.  can't wait to wear it - a nice bright colour for winter. I'll post a photo when it's all done.

In knitting news, my BFL sock yarn from Happy-Go-Knitty arrived, and oh my goodness, it's the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen.

I almost don't want to knit with it - it's just so pretty to look at.
My Sunshine socks are well on the way to completion - sock number one is done, and sock number two is under construction. I'll finish the Kitchener Stitch toes all at the same time.

Hopefully I'll get it all done on my bus rides this week, and spend the evenings knitting my Funchal Moebius. I will finish it. I must finish it.


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