My Easter knitting challenge, and why I'm totally over it.

I like deadlines. I worked as a journalist for four years, and I like having a timeframe to have something completed by. I guess it isn't the same when I'm talking about knitting. 
For stories and features, I know how long it usually takes me to write 500 words or 1500 words, and I can pretty accurately judge how long it will take me to write something if I've got all the information I need on hand. 
But knitting is different. I set myself an Easter challenge to finish knitting the Funchal Moebius. 
I didn't want to tell anyone about it on here, just in case I didn't meet it, but then I started feeling guilty and thought I should give an update on the extremely slow progress.
I'm just about to start the tenth repeat, with four to go after that. In the last three days I've done two and a half repeats, and considering it's Easter Monday, I don't think I'm going to meet my deadline. 

I've given myself until the end of play tomorrow to have it knitted, because I have an extra day of holiday. I just don't see me getting there though. I'm starting to avoid the project, which is a very bad thing because I have projects I need to start on as gifts, including a hat for a baby due any day and a hood for a friend. 
I told myself I would finish this first. And it's not a tricky pattern; I've memorized all 28 rows in the repeat and can easily spot any mistakes. It's just taking ages.
Maybe I should stop avoiding by blogging and go back and knit. Or maybe I should make some lunch instead...


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