I'm planning a road trip

While I would really love to go to Handmade 2012 in Wellington in just over a month, it is slowly dawning on me that the trip would take a small chunk out of the wedding budget. By the time we get there, sort out accommodation and then pay for classes - we would't go all that way for just one - the total is adding up a bit more than I'd like. But that's okay - I have another idea.

Yesterday on my lunch break, I was perusing in The Booklover in Takapuna, and I discovered the newly revised edition of Crafty Girl's Road Trip by Ann Packer. It details craft shops from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South, and recommends places to stay and eat along the way. I had an enjoyable read over a cup of lemon tea, and it is a great way to promote New Zealand to crafty visitors. 

I've also been working on some new projects - nothing really new on the needles - I've still banned myself from starting of substance until Funchal is finished.

I have a couple of ideas for my own patterns. It's all very basic and small, accessories rather than jumpers. I'm definitely going the one-size-fits-all option because I have no idea how to make different sizes of the same thing.

I've started a planning notebook, where I'm scribbling ideas and sticking in scraps of yarn. I've made a couple of prototypes but it hasn't quite worked out yet. I'll keep you posted if it comes to anything.


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