The wall

I'm not an athlete, but I've hit the wall with my current project. Not in the sense that I'm avoiding it, but in the sense that it's actually not growing. I've done rounds and rounds and rounds, but it still seems the same length as it did last week.
I'm trying really, really hard to not start anything else, and that's not easy when Wool and the Gang has launched it's Spring/Summer 2012 range, and when the weather is starting to get colder here. I'm sure I need to make a jumper, or a cardigan. The shops are full of cabled crew-necks at the moment, if I start now I could make one in time for winter! Since I'm loving Kate Davies' patterns right now, maybe I'll make her Owls sweater. I bought the pattern over a year ago, but didn't feel confident enough to make it.


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