Vintage knits - an instant crazy collection

A work colleague who also knits left me a bag of old knitting patterns on my chair on Thursday. There were so many that I've only just had chance to go through them all, and oh my goodness, they are amazing!

There are patterns here from old yarn brands that may not exist any more, or at least ones I've never heard of. Lots of them are produced in New Zealand too. From going through, I've got from the early 1950s to the early 1990s covered.

These ones, the panda and the lace set, were published before my parents were born!

Some of them are from a time when you would actually make a school uniform at home.

And there are some seriously cool kids patterns - every child needs a cape and a Fair Isle crew neck!

These little jumpers - if I was small enough I'd definitely rock one of these.

But the gem has to be the Fashion Handknits - Autumn / Winter No 2 by Fontana & Aotea.
I love this Round Neck Pullover, I probably wouldn't knit in in a boucle though.

And this dress, hat and knee high sock set is just incredible. I need to get some roller-skates.


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