Saturday socks

I've always heard that you're not a "Knitter" with a capital K unless you can knit socks. I've tried to avoid buying into the label thing, but it has made me think about the range of skills I have and what I need to work on. So I've started my first sock - it's accompanied by Saturday breakfast, smoked salmon and a poached egg on wholegrain toast, a great start to the day!

I'm using the Lion Brand Free Basic Sock pattern and Regia Eskimo Color sock yarn, and 2.75mm Addi fixed circulars. 
My only problem is the pattern is written for dpns, and when I get to the heel flap and heel turn, I don't have a clue how to do it on circulars. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated! I still have three inches to go before I get to the tricky bit, hopefully I'll figure it out before then.


  1. very nice colours!
    I knit my socks on DPNs but my friend knits on circs and says that she knits the heel flap and turns the heel on two DPNs, then when she picks put the stitches she does it back onto the circulars. I've never seen it done alas!
    Have fun, hand knitted socks are the best!


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