The state of knitting in 1961, and more stash yarn

I laughed so much when I read this "From the archives" article about teenage knitting on The Guardian.

Living in a world where two-thirds of teenagers are knitters would be amazing (as long as they don't take out their teenage-hormonal moodiness out on people by wielding knitting needles) but the fact that the writer notes concern about the decrease in the numbers of over-60s knitters:

"Such splendid news about teenagers is most reassuring; although we must take into account that the increase of non-knitting over-sixties will cause a rise in the numbers of problem grandmothers."

And I especially love this comment:

"The urge to knit is surely the most moral force in the world. Knitting is industrious, economical, virtuous, therapeutic, mildly creative and above all tranquillising."

This is making me justify the growth of my stash - it is completely moral to take up even more of the shared storage space - virtuous even!

I've now added 12 skeins of Prism DK in Paint Blue to the collection, and six skeins of Skeinz Laceweight Kid Mohair Blend in Sky.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it all. I plan on knitting a Quince & Co pattern with my green Prism DK - most likely the Sumac Shrug. No plans yet for the red and the blue.... or all the other yarn that's waiting in a giant box.


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