St David's Day and Welsh woolly traditions

Although my family left Wales in 1995 to live in New Zealand, we still wish each other a Happy Saint David's Day on 1 March every year. If I have all the ingredients, I'll bake Welsh cakes (imagine a cross between a biscuit and a sweet scone) and remember the times when I was a child and had to wear my traditional Welsh bonnet and shawl to mark the occasion. 

While browsing on Etsy this afternoon to find something suitably crafty and Welsh to blog about, I discovered something amazing - Welsh blankets! I never knew Wales had a woven wool blanket tradition! How did I not know this? They have beautifully distinct designs, and are woven in local wool, and are a source of inspiration for contemporary design.
Jane Beck has an amazing resource online and sells vintage and new blankets. 
Some more can be found on Etsy, like this one in A Rum Fellow's shop.

Woven Welsh tapestry blanket

And here are some stylish contemporary cushions and purses found on Etsy.

Printed Welsh blanket cushion by Peris and Corr

Printed Welsh blanket purses by Peris and Corr

I think I'm going to save up for a nice Welsh blanket. Since 1 March also marks the beginning of autumn here in New Zealand, I think I'll have a good excuse to get one and keep warm.


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