Reading list

I'm notorious for buying books. It's a habit that I'm really trying to get out of. As soon as the Kindle Fire starts shipping here, I'm going to get one and slowly make the transition to e-books. 
That won't stop me buying a really nice book on occasion, but I've bought so many extra shelves to house the collection and I just don't have the space anymore. 
And also, it's a lot of trees, they are heavy to move house with and most of them end up gathering dust because I don't always re-read. Some of them I haven't even opened.

But before going down the e-reader route, I'm being good and making use of the wonderful resources at Auckland Libraries.
Ever since our eight local authorities combined into one council just over a year ago, all of the libraries across the Auckland region are now shared, so books that were once North Shore City books can now be borrowed and returned in other areas around the city.
The choice is much bigger, and borrowing and returning books is so much easier! I used to live in one authority area and live in another, which meant I could only really go to the library to borrow books on the weekend, but now I can go to any library that's close. And it's awesome.

So for this week's inspiration, I've borrowed two books, Luxe knits: the accessories by Laura Zukaite and Sock knitting master class by Ann Budd.
I'm very keen to try the Smocking Clutch pattern - but no new projects until Funchal is finished!


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