Craftsy classes

I've just discovered, a video tutoring site for a range of crafts and hobbies. 

There are heaps of knitting ones I want to try, but I thought for my first class I should try the site's free offering, Dipped, Dusted and Rolled: Handmade chocolates with Gayle Hart.
I'm loving the format - the tutors talk you through all the steps as well as supplying pdf resources - recipes, technique lists and more information. 
You can make notes on the lessons as you go, and you can ask your tutor questions and interact with other class members. Once you enroll, you can view the classes as many times as you like - there's no set time to view the courses, and they don't expire. 
If this one goes well, I might enroll in some of their knitting classes - the sock knitting ones look mighty tempting!


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