My first knitting disaster

I knew Fiona was too good to be true. And I secretly knew the squishy Puffin yarn was hiding something.
As I knit this amazing sweater, it was just going too well!
Once finished, the sweater fit perfectly. Just the right length, sleeves long enough to cover my knuckles, just how I like it. I put off blocking her until a spare afternoon. And I should've kept putting it off.

Fiona grew nearly 10 inches in length with one wash. 

At first I was stunned. I went back and read the pattern. It said I could wet-block. I always wet-block and I've always had great success. I checked my tension. I followed the instructions to the letter, because I wouldn't have any idea how to alter a pattern anyway.
I think I will recover from this. I've pinned it to the size it should be, and there are plenty of wrinkles through it. I've read somewhere that wool contracts as it dries - I hope this is the case. 

Otherwise I have a new knitted mini dress - at least it didn't grow in width!


  1. hay Jo I would tentivly put it in the tunmle dryer for 1/2 hour we recomend this with dome of our super wash yarns :)Helenxx


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