More yarn for the stash and a Fair Isle experiment

I've been shopping. Kind of naughty of me. My wallet is officially on a diet, this year's mission is to try and save for the wedding, but I just couldn't help myself. The Shibui Sock yarn is so bright and cheerful, especially needed after such a wet summer and the Prism DK is just so red. My first pair of socks will be bright yellow. And they will be awesome.

My other challenge though is exploring Fair Isle - not the actual place, just the knitting technique. I've cast on my Funchal Moebius, and so far I'm happy with the result. It's just going to take me a very long time and I need to make sure I knit loosely enough so it doesn't all pull together.

Maybe the merino will calm down after blocking... here's hoping! And see my provisional cast on? It's my first time. I did a little test piece first, a kind of weird long tail cast on, and it unzipped so now I just hope it will work after I've done 14 repeats of my chart pattern. That's kind of daunting.

I'm knitting these on my new Addi 40cm/3mm fixed circulars. They're so nice and shiny. I've fallen in love with the Addi Lace Interchangeable set but it costs over $200, so I'm going to have to save extra hard for them. 


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