Meet Charlie, Casey and Sheep

This is Sheep the sheep, and Charlie and Casey the alpacas

These woolly guys are the pets of a good friend.

As you can see, they're in need of a hair cut.

Sheep is up first. After a few weeks of very wet weather, he got a little muddy.

And under the muddy bits, a beautiful creamy fleece is revealed.

And look at him now!

Next up is Charlie. Alpacas are a bit more difficult, longer legs that like to kick.

And after a few trims, gorgeous chocolate brown, fluffy alpaca fleece!

Look how long his neck is after the trim.

Looking pretty snazzy!

Next up is Casey who wasn't so keen on getting a trim

But after a few minutes, all is well.

Thanks so much to my good friend Denice who let me visit to see her alpacas and sheepy getting their hair cuts. The fleeces are being sent away to be carded and spun, and I can't wait to see the yarn when it comes back. And the animals will be much cooler in this muggy weather. 


  1. Wow - love it! It's my dream to have an alpaca farm.


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