At home with a cold

It's been a busy week, not helped by this cold I've picked up from somewhere. I've been curled up in my pjs, fiancé's been making me lots of tea and I've had to avoid knitting so I don't sneeze all over my merino. I've already had to frog my moebius once, I dropped a stitch and it got lost amongst the stranding. It was pretty hard undoing it all, but I'm finding the good - it's given me the chance to knit it a bit looser and avoid some of the puckering I found in the first attempt. 

So while that's sitting in my knitting bag, I'm reading lots. I just purchased Minxy Vintage by Kelly Doust, and it's a beautiful book - a great addition to the bookshelf and full of inspiration for my growing vintage clothing collection. Most of the clothes I own are second hand, vintage or reconstructed vintage, and since we have a sewing machine I really want to learn how to adjust pre-loved items and make them my own. And then there are the cookbooks - always make me feel better. 

Now I'm going to make myself a hot chocolate - a proper one with a chunk of dark chocolate melted into a cup of milk - maybe not the best for my cold, but it tastes good!


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