On holiday

I hope everyone is having a wonderful festive season, eating lots of chocolate and leftovers. As well as it being Christmas and New Year, it's also my summer break, and I have two glorious weeks off. 

I'll be reading Peppermint and Frankie, The Hunger Games, Storyteller: the life of Roald Dahl, and The Prophet. I'll be finishing off the several boxes of chocolates from the Christmas festivities, as well as knitting my Frilly Frilly scarf - the one I started months ago but kept messing up. Between that there will be trips to the beach and some time spent figuring out what to do with my hand dyed blue yarn. It was going to be for my Funchal Moebius, but I'm worried the colour will run...

For most of the last two days, I've been staring at this awesome Christmassy stranded knitting design...

...on this amazing gift box, filled with homemade biscuits from my good friend Denice. She knows me so well. I think for next Christmas I'll try and make her something using the design. It's giving me all sorts of knitterly inspiration.

And I've also been making a lot of these.

Great gifts for family and friends - I used the Basic Biscuits recipe in the Edmonds Cook Book, and added a ton of chocolate chips.

And best of all, I finished the emergency knitted gift for Fiance. Introducing Spidey-Cat. He web-swings with his scarf because I didn't have time to knit arms, but never mind, he is now a very special addition to the action-figure shelf!


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