New Year's Resolutions

Since we're almost in 2012, I've been thinking about my new year's resolutions, both for knitting and for life in general. I've got to the point where I need to learn new skills to advance my knitting and make the things I want, as well as giving myself a new challenge.

Knitting goals.

1. Knit my first pair of socks. If anyone can suggest a good beginner sock pattern, it would be appreciated.
2. Learn continental knitting. I figure that since I'm a left-hander, I should pick this up quite well, and it will speed up my stranded knitting attempts.
3. Knit my wedding bouquet. Linda Dawkins' daffodils, snow drops and lilies, as featured on her Natural Suburbia blog, are just what I'm looking for. I was born in Wales, so the daffodils will be a good way to represent that, and snow drops and lilies are just pretty. I have approximately two years to finish it, so I have lots of time to chip away at this project.
4. Knit a snuggly blanket for the couch.
5. Write and publish a pattern. I'm not sure what for yet, but I'll think of something!
6. Get a better stash organisation system happening.

General goals.

1. Stop buying lunch to help the savings account.
2. Make wedding organization as stress-free as possible.
3. Keep the house tidier.
4. Do more sewing.
5. Be healthier. I have a new skipping rope - no excuses.


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