Experiments in dyeing part two

I wasn't happy with my blue. I decided round two was absolutely necessary. But I wasn't prepared to try the Dylon again, so instead I decided to cook my yarn in a giant pot of blue food colouring. I've read about this being done, and have spoken to people who've had some good results, but with all my Googling and reading different blogs online, I could not find any information on how much water / vinegar / colouring I needed to dye my 400g of merino. So I sort of made it up as I went along, probably not wise for my first attempt at dyeing some quite expensive yarn.

This is what I started with - pretty pale.

I used 4l of water for 400g, plus about 250ml of white vinegar to set the colour. I used Queens blue food colouring, and a big pot. I soaked the yarn for about half an hour in another bowl of water and vinegar, before adding the dye to my gently simmering pot.

I had no idea how long I'd have to leave it in, without completely boiling my yarn up and ruining $40 of good merino (which, let's be honest, I'd already kind of ruined) so I guessed about 10 minutes, gently simmering.

And this is what I've ended up with. 

It's still not as blue as I was hoping for, but it's a big improvement on the first round. Now to let it dry and to wind it up. It'll probably run all over the cream merino that I'm also using in the same project, but what is experimenting if it goes right all the time?


  1. That looks much better, mind you I really like turquoise as a colour which helps. I've never really measured my vinegar; I just dollop it in, more for more yarn sort of thing.

  2. I think so too! Next time I'll have a go with red food colouring - it's pretty fun!


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