Turning 25

Cupcakes from Alo Alo

Summer fun reading

Summer reading, but a bit more serious

A gift to myself, a handmade camera case

It's just so cool
Not to mention the awesome iPod speakers from the fiancé, by far my favourite gift. Now I can dance even more insanely around the house.
I wasn't really looking forward to turning 25. It seems like such a milestone, and I thought I'd have more done by now. More travel, a better idea of what I want to do with life, maybe would have somehow won a Pulitzer Prize. Twenty-four was a hard year though. There was the job issues, with friends' redundancies, a shrinking of our newsroom and several mentors leaving. Then there was the total change in career direction, from journalism to communications, and the anxiety of not knowing whether it was the right move. I still don't know, but I like my job, so that's the main thing. Then there was the burglary, and annoying things like car trouble, and the cat getting sick.
But 24 was also awesome. I now have a fiancé who is amazing. New challenges with my job, and the amazing friends who got me amazing gifts for my birthday. I have a lot to be grateful for. And 25 will be great, even though it seems like a scary number.

And just for my birthday, here's my mum's cat having a go at my knitting.


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