Summer is for picnics - and for that you need a cool basket

I've been meaning to make a picnic basket for about... well, ages, and last summer I got a step closer to it. I found this basket at the Swanson Market for $15. It needed a good dust and a polish, but other than that it was perfect. It just needed a lining.

So I quickly spent my fresh vege allowance on buying a basket I probably didn't really need, but I didn't care. I got it home, gave it a clean and then left it in the cupboard. A few weeks later I was rummaging through the Let's Go Retro shop, also in Swanson, where I found a great piece of green gingham fabric.

I was all ready to get making, except I got distracted by knitting and Pride and Prejudice on DVD. The basket sat in the cupboard for nearly nine months.
Today I decided enough was enough. With the weather improving and my 25th birthday quickly approaching (much too quickly if you ask me) the picnic basket needed to be finished. I already had plastic plates and cutlery from an old picnic set that was horrifically ugly, so the lining was the only thing to do. For this, I needed Mum's help. 

Because the basket is an oval shape, we cut the fabric into a rectangle and sewed an edging with two rows of stitches.

This is where we would thread the elastic through to secure it to the basket. 

After a long battle with a safety pin, we (Mum mainly) threaded the elastic all the way through. We Used two pieces - one for each half of the lining, stopping at the handles on each side. 

To stop the lining popping out every time we opened it, we stitched four pieces of gingham around the handles, to tie it down. And I must say, we did a good job.

Now it's filled up and ready to take to a field, all it needs is some sandwiches and lemonade.

This is going to be a great start to summer - roll on next weekend - as long as the weather is good!


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