I'm a top-down knitting convert

I mean, you can try on the jumper as you're making it! It's genius. No longer will I knit jumpers too short!
I'm loving the Quince and Co pattern, it's so simple and quick to knit. If I'm going at my current rate, I should have this finished by the weekend!

And as for even more inspiration, a new edition of Frankie Magazine is out, and I've found another half-price bargain at Borders - I shouldn't be allowed to work so close to it.

The essential guide to color knitting techniques by Margaret Radcliffe is a knitting bible. I've wanted a copy for ages, but at $85 I couldn't quite justify it. So when I found it today on sale for $42, I had to get it. It's a beautiful book and it will definitely help me get more adventurous with my colour knitting.

And here's a couple more tops from Quince & Co that I'm planning on making next. On the left we have the Sumac Shrug by Pam Allen and on the right the Helene by Veronik Avery. Both amazing!


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